RLOE Advisory Leadership Team

Karen Cangialosi
Karen Cangialosi, RLOE Program Director kcangial@oeglobal.org

A long-time Professor of Biology and fierce advocate for students, Karen eventually gained wide recognition for bringing open pedagogical practices into her STEM courses. She is a leader in open education, open science, STEM education, faculty development, and critical digital pedagogy.

Carlos Goller
Carlos Goller, RLOE Leadership Advisor ccgoller@ncsu.edu

Carlos C. Goller – Associate Teaching Professor. Involved in biotechnology and molecular biology course design and development with a focus on empowering students to co-create and share openly.

Kim Grewe
Kim Grewe, RLOE Program Developer kgrewe65@gmail.com

Kim Grewe, Ph.D., is an educator, scholar, online learning enthusiast, community college leader, and champion of Open Education. With teaching experience from middle school to community college, she brings a myriad of skills and career’s worth of perspective to her online course design, program development, and work with faculty in professional development workshops. It is her honor to be working with other outstanding educators who share a passion for empowering their students and themselves through Open Education.

Rebecca Vasquez Ortiz
Rebecca Ortiz, RLOE Leadership Advisor rebeccavortiz@gmail.com

Rebecca Vasquez Ortiz, Ph.D., is a mother, educator, and community activist with a passion for Dual Enrollment and Open Education. Through the use of a framework of cultural responsiveness, she is currently teaching various courses as an Associate Professor of Psychology. Her teaching load includes psychology courses and statistics in both traditional and online formats. As an indigenous woman in higher education, she looks forward to developing partnerships with educators across Turtle Island, with the aim of empowering students through inclusivity.

Tiffany Tang
Tiffany Tang, RLOE Admin Assistant rloenetwork@gmail.com

Tiffany Tang is the administrative assistant working with the RLOE program. She is a Computer Science student studying at Bunker Hill Community College and passionate about the tech industry and open education. She has previously worked with under-privileged students in Anhui, China and has helped teach Mandarin Chinese in an immersive language environment.

Robin Taylor
Robin Taylor
Robin Taylor, Program evaluator for RLOE

Robin Taylor, Ph.D. Principal and Senior Evaluator of RTRES Consulting (a small business focused on helping programs use data effectively to strengthen the quality and outcomes of their projects) has worked as a professional evaluator of STEM and other education/workforce development programs since 2004 with positions in higher education and non-profits. She has strong experience in measuring, tracking, and reporting on diversity initiatives to increase the representation of persons typically excluded within STEM education programs.

Deidre Tyler
Deidre Tyler, RLOE Leader Advisor DeidreT141@aol.com

Dr. Deidre Tyler – Professor of Sociology/ Instructional Technologist.  Involved in OER since 2017 and a frequent speaker at conferences.  Deidre has been teaching online since 1995 and she received her Masters in Instructional Technology from Utah State University.  She was a beta tester for the Open Sociology Textbook that Rice University started in 2017.  As a result of that opportunity, she did webinars showing teachers how to use the opentext book in the digital space.  She is certified by the American Council on Education (ACUE 2021).  Also, she is a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer.  She is also certified by Canvas level I and II as a Train the Trainer (2013). Her research interest includes assessment of e-portfolio projects and digital learning innovations that was published in New Directions for Community College She does a Tech Tip Zoom Training every Tuesday for interested faculty at her campus.  Deidre is the author of two book. Last month she did a Tea Time Talk entitled “Using H5” for the Open Textbook Nextbook.  In 2017 she was awarded teacher of the year at Salt Lake Community College. 

Esperanza Zenon
Esperanza Zenon, RLOE Leadership Advisor ezenon@rpcc.edu

Esperanza Zenon – Associate Professor of Physical Science. Esperanza is passionate about STEM Equity, and serves in several organizations focused on girls in STEM. She utilizes OER in all of her courses as a way of making sure that all of her students have the course materials on day one of class.  Esperanza is particularly interested in the intersection of STEM and CTE.