Regional Leaders of Open Education (RLOE)

RLOE is a professional development network to support strategic planning for open education aimed to improve and scale open education as a system reform that increases student success at postsecondary institutions with an emphasis for reaching underserved student populations. The program promotes a mantra of “leading from the middle” to invigorate participants’ own agency for helping to shift institutional power to marginalized communities through values of access, student agency, community collaboration, social justice, care and generosity. Since 2021, the RLOE Network has supported 101 leaders (representing 66 institutions across the USA and Canada) across 2-year and 4-year colleges/universities representing HSIs, Tribal Colleges, and HBCUs.

Karen Cangialosi, Maribel Montelego, Esperanza Zenon, Mari Sakiama, and Rebecca Ortiz
From left to right: RLOE Program Director Karen Cangialosi, Faculty Super Star Maribel Montelongo, RLOE Leadership Team Esperanza Zenon, Mari Sakiyama, and Rebecca Ortiz.

Here is a 1-minuted clip of Dr. Ronica Rooks talking about her RLOE experiences and the impact it has had on her work at the Dec. 2022 CCCOER Member Mixer.

Osci and Elizabeth, student mentors
Student mentors Osci Heard and Elizabeth Braatz (Kassidy Fegles-Jones in background on the right)

Program Director, Dr. Karen Cangialosi works with a leadership team committed to supporting the ECMC Foundation’s mission “to improve higher education and career success among underserved populations through evidence-based innovation” and to improve success of college students from historically underrepresented backgrounds.” Cultivating new leadership from key institutions not already well-established in the world of Open education is a major goal of RLOE. 

RLOE Leadership Program

The RLOE Leadership Program is a three-week online leadership program consisting of asynchronous and synchronous components managed from the web platform.

OE Strategic Planning

RLOE participants are supported to create open education strategic plans.

OEG Connect

The OEG Connect platform allows for ongoing asynchronous discussions and networking.

Supportive Collaborations

Open Education/Social Justice collaborators provide advice and support for program participants throughout the program and continue through the year.


Monthly Un-webinars on topics chosen by participants assist in networking and sharing. 

Student Mentors

Student mentors from historically underrepresented backgrounds provide guidance for strategic planning by sharing their experiences and  perspectives.