6 Sustaining Open

6 Sustaining Open

Besides stewardship, the other “S” to think about when implementing an Open Education Strategic plan is sustainability. In Learning Area 6, we will explore two key questions:

  • What is sustainability in Open?
  • What practices promote sustainability?

Drawing on the work and advice of other collaboratives, we will make sustainability part of the strategic plan from the beginning.

Key Takeaways

  • a deeper understanding of sustainability in its many forms in Open
  • a set strategies, policies, and practices to consider for sustainability of your Open Education strategic plan

JUNE 10-14: Asynchronous Activities

Read and Annotate

6.1 Explore the Driving OER Sustainability for Student Success (DOERS3) Collaborative site. This DOERS3’s main goal is to assist institutions with implementing, scaling, and sustaining OER. In particular, please note the following three projects related to sustainability and aligned with our DEI focus. Please use Hypothes.is to annotate these pages:

6.2 Please review this copy of the RLOE Sustainability Guide created by colleagues in phase 1 of RLOE work. Pay particular attention to assessment (pages 13-18). RLOE Sustainability Guide: Assessment.

Connect and Discuss

6.3 Answer all of the questions below for yourself. Then go to OEG Connect Learning Area 6 and post about the one question there. **IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be logged into OEG Connect in order for the link to work and take you directly to the discussion thread.

  1. What are ways that you can approach making your open education initiative at your institution more sustainable?
  2. How are your sustainability plans tied to helping your most vulnerable students?

Write Your Strategic Plan

6.4 As you think about sustainability of open education, now is the perfect time to consider your goals for open at your institution, both short term and long term. As you write this part of the plan, all of the pieces start to come together as you map Key People to Resources and Activities.

  1. Please DRAFT V. Short Term Goals and VI. Long Term Goals in your strategic plan.
  2. Please REVIEW at least three of your colleagues’ V. Short Term Goals and VI. Long Term Goals sections.
  3. Please PROVIDE FEEDBACK. This can be comments, reactions, questions, etc.
    • You can do this by using the Insert>Comment feature in Google Docs or by typing directly into the document.
    • Remember that all our strategic plans are accessible in the Strategic Plans RLOE Cohort 3 Folder.
    • Use this asynchronous collaborative opportunity to learn from each other and to enhance your own strategic planning.

WEDS, JUNE 15: Synchronous Zoom Session

Week 3/Session 1 Zoom Session

WEDS, JUNE 15, 2-4:30 pm EASTERN
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Topics: Sustaining Open and Implementing Your Plan, Strategic Plan